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AT is a no word count, metahuman/abilities rp set in an au modern day Seoul. In a world where Metas marked as illegal and dangerous. Will you be part of the many Forcers bagging and tagging Metas or will you align with the resistance and fight for your right to live?

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Please Register w/ character's name in proper caps & read all the worldbuilding threads before registering

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Hi friends! So the site didn't really take off mostly due in my part because I've been swarmed with school as well as the muse not really clicking. For now I'll put the site on an indefinite hiatus for new members and site-plot advancement and we might return in the future! I'd love to explore this concept some more but alas things aren't clicking atm. Current members feel free to log in and retrieve anything you need! If you'd like to rp with me again, check out DBSG, a rl entertainment rp here! http://dbsg.jcink.net/index.php - Trick, Head Admin
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